SinCyr’s first anthology of sex-positive, consensual, and kinky erotica, Getting It, comes out September 15. Along with all those good things, it’s also the BEST thing: 13 stories of complete femdom.

Frankly, my contributor’s copy can’t come fast enough.

In the days leading up to the release, I’m sharing excerpts from both my stories in Getting It. 

“Fantasies” is a story about negotiation, exploration, and confession (or maybe when we sadists do it it’s “bragging”). A content warning may be in order here: it is about rape fantasies. And yet another caveat is that it’s fairly abstract, or maybe the word is cerebral–fantasies taking place in people’s minds, after all–so if you’re looking for explicit dub-con or non-con (I firmly believe both can have a place in a vibrant fantasy life and in fiction, accompanied by honest content descriptions) this might not scratch that itch. Speaking of scratching and itches, there is a bit of teasing involved, too. …A lot of teasing, in different ways. Ultimately, it’s a story about trust, power, denial, and also giving in.

(In combination with “Deliver Us,” it also falls into my new specialty, which is apparently “submissive bisexual guys getting tied up by their girlfriends and having personal realizations in the process.”)



“You’re scaring me,” he said as her fingers scraped his collarbone, then started to circle his throat.

She didn’t stop; between them, that wasn’t a complaint. “I don’t often ask what you’re thinking, do I? While we’re doing this.”

“Not sure what I’d tell you.” He was starting to breathe faster, each sharp inhalation expanding against her hand. She didn’t constrict the passage of air, only felt it. Monitoring, of course, could also be a form of control.

Maybe that was why her question about his fantasies made him so nervous. He wasn’t sure he wanted all the contents of his head monitored, too.

But mostly, figuring out what he was thinking seemed like a lot of work.

She nudged, saying, “What has you so scared?”

“You could…”

Her eyes gleamed. Their deep brown took on a glow like red embers as she waited for him to answer.

“You could…do anything to me.” He wiggled one hand in its cuff of rope, the gesture as eloquent as he could be.

“I could. I have you at a considerable disadvantage.”

She shifted position, straddling one of his spread legs. Her knee brushed the front of his briefs.