Evann follows the summons of the Green Road and comes under the power of an Elven woman, curious and cruel, whose intentions are impossible to predict but whose methods are seductive and at times even sweet. Despite his fear, Evann finds some pleasure in being her plaything, and can’t deny a curiosity of his own.

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By the Green Road

“What do you want from me?” Evann asked. His voice was hoarse and small, and she didn’t seem to understand him. At least, she didn’t answer in words.

Her hand flew up and captured his, pressing its palm against her cheek. Her flesh was warmer than her hair, but with the same luxurious smoothness. Her other hand went to the collar of her blouse and the silver fingers flashed, pinching buttons apart. Evann caught the pale fabric and pulled it away. Her breasts were small and round, rising with each deep breath, and she bent her back so that they came up before him in clear invitation.

He bent close and smelled more of her fresh, wet scent. She trembled when his own breath ghosted over her. Evann brought his mouth to her breasts, laving their perfect swell with his tongue. He tasted a sheen of salt as if of human sweat. But the nipples, red and hard like rubies, tasted bittersweet when he sucked them, not like anything human. He played with one, catching it between his teeth and his tongue. She hissed and the tart taste flooded his mouth. It could have been poison, he could have been dying. He would have suckled as eagerly.