Welcome to our garden of naughty delights!

Peek inside the garden gate.

(You know you want to.)

A dozen racy tales await.

Fifty Shades of Green is a collection of twelve delicious and erotic short stories with gardening themes. What you’ll find in these pages is hotter than the hottest pepper on the Scoville index of heat! And smart, not smutty. Well . . . maybe a little smutty.

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Fifty Shades of Green

Rosewitch by T.C.Mill is another one of my favorites. I loved the atmosphere of the witch’s cottage; I could almost smell the roses when I read the description of her garden. Here, a young man comes seeking a love potion. Instead, he learns about his own motives and desires. The witch uses her rose vines to restrain him as she initiates him into the thornful, sweet pleasures of submission.  – Bettina Theißen at Eternal Haunted Summer