One of the most enduring factors in human existence, yet one of the most mysterious and least domesticated, is the concept of luck. Call it fate, fortune, chance, serendipity, karma, or superstition. We have a thousand rituals to ward off bad luck and bring on good luck, and a thousand sayings to represent our unwavering belief that some things are beyond our control. How often do we unthinkingly say “It must be my lucky day?” or “As Fate would have it…” or even “Better luck next time?” For good or bad, this intangible force surrounds and influences us, often in ways we can’t explain. Whether we’re talking about lucky pennies or Lady Luck, black cats or Friday the 13th, we know something out there is trying to keep things…interesting.
In six sexy stories, gods and mortals alike “get lucky,” in more ways than one. Fortune favors the bold and people take a chance at love and lust. In Like Fortune’s Fool, Monique Poirer, Jaymi Noa, Eric del Carlo, Dame Bodacious, T.C. Mill and Kathleen Tudor reveal the playful, sensual, mind-blowing secrets of those who traffic in luck, fate, karma, and serendipity. From a card game that leads to a night of unbelievable pleasure, to a raven whose spate of “crow luck” leads him to a helpful witch, to a woman who acquires a “lucky” rabbit’s foot, these stories are surprising and satisfying.

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Like Fortune’s Fool

The Ace Wins

Outside the Wall, nobody’s going to help you, and you have to give–or at least risk giving–in order to get. Finding herself in a tight pinch, the Ace of Hearts decides to make a gamble–facing the infamous cardsharp Diamonds over a high-stakes game. It’s not the wisest decision of her life, but she can’t regret it–whether she loses, wins, or something else entirely.