Wanderlust—a strong longing for or an impulse toward wandering.

The stories in this anthology explore the ramifications of wanderlust—with an emphasis on lust. Twelve tales of those who cannot stay still—whether by choice, curse, or circumstance. Men and women gripped by the impulse to wander, travel, explore the world—and explorations of the sexual encounters they have along the way.

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Soft, Rough

Now she saw them in juxtaposition, as if the image from the mirror had carried over and overlaid what lay before her eyes. Not a single creature but two of them, very different in shape. He was made of curves—muscle and thickness, shoulders, ass, the thin but silken-soft layer of fat beneath the fine hair on his stomach, the roundness of his erection and balls. She was angular, from cheekbones to her small, sharp breasts.

Again she turned her head, looking in the mirror to confirm it. From this perspective, even her ears seemed to stick out in their usual way, points to break up the circle of her hair and head. She recognized herself. No startled moment of seeing a stranger, a ghost haunting the bed.

Perhaps she needed his visit. Maybe he has feelings for her. The romantic in me was hoping for that outcome. But what I got was something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. But it was a very, very nice shock!… And as filthy as this is, I also think it is sweet and romantic, that they can get so intense with each other. It’s really very poetic.

Samantha, The Book Owlery, 4.5 star review of Wanderlust