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Femdom Book Reviews

A conversation today where someone asked for erotica recs reminded me of this site:

Tragically, it has not been updated since 2014, and I expect the blog runner SunnyGirl has found other demands on her time. Happily, in the several years the blog ran, she found and shared a wealth of erotic romance, erotica, and even some pretty straight-up (well, not too straight-up) romance novels and ebooks.

Her tags include many different styles, kinks, and approaches, including one of my personal favorites “subtle femdom” (my other favorite is “masochism” so I guess I have a range).

I also appreciate her warnings for when a story pulls the rug out from under the dominant female reader, or when it has all the kinks but just…isn’t all that good. Not that you should ignore everything below a B rating. There’s a lot of room for individual taste here, and SunnyGirl is always very straightforward about the factors that influenced her rating, with the possibility that they won’t hit every reader the same way.

After my review of Shadowheart, I plan to write many more book reviews myself, including lots of femdom and subtley female-toppy romances. But in the meantime, these are some stories to check out!